So said Dick Morris on Oct. 22. Obama is reduced to saying: “We killed bin-Ladin”. Not much of a record. Not much to show for four years. He can say Obamacare too but that’s going to be rescinded or at the very least, sharply cut back because of the Constitutional violations. Obama has no solutions going foreword. His false narrative about the Benghazi terrorism is a legend because of the lack of credibility of his administration especially including Hillary who was induced to repeating the false narrative. Hapless UN Ambassador Susan Rice is in on the job. Obama embraced The Arab Spring. Even helped the capture and death of Gaddafi but that has turned into a sour example of helping the enemies of America more that it helped America. Americans cannot travel to large areas of the globe because they are unsafe thanks to Obama’s policy of appeasement and apology for the very existence of America. That’s far from Reagan’s description of America as a shining city on a hill.

Obama has not helped make the world safer from North Korea or Iran. Egypt, a long time friend to America is in chaos and a danger to Americans. Same for Libya. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, … well the list goes on. Twenty American embassies attacked on Sept 11 2012 because of the emptiness of Obama’s foreign policy which has become a danger to Americans. Obama cut Israel adrift. Made the Prime Minster use the back door of the White House so Obama’s Arab friends would think him as their friend because of his disgraceful treatment of Israel. Obama’s diegraceful treatment of Great Britain, America’s longest and most faithful ally. We cannot even use our airports because of the continuing danger from Terrorists left unpunished and therefore emboldened by Obama.  Even if he comes up with a perfect set of plans, no one will believe him after his dismal record and expecially because of his Libyan Cover-Up. A Used Up man.

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