There are many things that cannot be voted on. Crimea didn’t have the power; the authority; the authorization; the ability; – to vote which country would own the Crimea. To think the vote of just the Crimean’s could decide for all of Ukraine is the identical issue that began the American Civil War. In the run-up the Southern States decided to leave the Union. Lincoln told them in effect: the entire Union decided your states were part of the Union so the entire Union needs to vote for you to succeed.

All of Ukraine didn’t vote. Only the Crimean’s voted. That’s like new Jersey voting to be part of Russia without letting America decide. New Jersey can’t decide for America and the Crimea cannot decide for Ukraine.

Likewise, Russia cannot decide to accept the Crimea because Russia has no jurisdiction over Ukraine, Crimea or any other nation or part of any nation. The entire Crimea/Russia/Putin affair is so wrong that a moments thought will show how wrong it was.   

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