Of course Russia doesn’t want to be invaded so Putin will return Crimea if Russia is invaded. Who should Invade? Morally, anyone who want’s to but it should be at least a U.S./Europe coalition. That would be NATO.

NATO has no interest in Crimea or Ukraine, not so far as legal jurisdiction is concerned but the Moral Authority to Invade Russia is inherent in the Universal Doctrine of Right and Wrong. On a simple level, anyone has the Moral Authority to arrest a murderer. The Moral Authority of the individual is what provides the Police or the Military the force of law. Same for Nations. Putin needs to return the Crimea. Obama needs to step up his Commander in Chief game. So do the leaders of the other NATO nations.


The Moral Authority to do something comes from The Law. The Law is a summary of the Government actions that can be taken against other people. The First Question is not : “What Laws do we need”, but “Do We Need Laws At All?” 

What fact of reality gave rise to the concept of “Morality”? The fact that man must draw conclusions about the things, people and events around him, i.e., must judge and evaluate them. Is his judgment automatically right? No. What causes his judgment to be wrong? The lack of sufficient evidence, or his evasion of the evidence, or his inclusion of considerations other than the facts of the case.  How, then, is he to arrive at the right judgment? By basing it exclusively on the factual evidence and by considering all the relevant evidence available. But isn’t this a description of “objectivity”? Yes, “objective judgment” is one of the wider categories to which the concept “justice” belongs. Justice is what provides the basis of “Moral Judgment”.

What distinguishes “justice” from other instances of objective judgment? When one evaluates the nature or actions of inanimate objects, the criterion of judgment is determined by the particular purpose for which one evaluates them. But how does one determine a criterion for evaluating the character and actions of men, in view of the fact that men possess the faculty of volition? What science can provide an objective criterion of evaluation in regard to volitional matters? Ethics. Now, do I need a concept to designate the act of judging a man’s character and/or actions exclusively on the basis of all the factual evidence available, and of evaluating it by means of an objective moral criterion? Yes. That concept is “justice.” Moral Authority is Justice in Action. (the forgoing is paraphrased and expanded from Ayn Rand’s Brilliant Ideas on “Justice”. (Here).

AMERICA SHOULD MEDDLE IN THE AFFAIRS OF UKRAINE: some say America should not “mettle” in the affairs of Ukraine. Nonsense. The need for America and any other nation to mettle goes deeper than Crimea. America and every person can establish safety only by distinguishing between Criminals like Vladimir Putin of “The Evil Empire” and honest men and eliminating the former.

That’s the basis , the moral authority to invade Russia. Honest men and women as well as free nations can only find enduring peace with other honest people and honest nations, not with International Criminals like Vlad Putin who sent un-identified rogue Russian soldiers into the Crimea. Without the meddling of NATO and America,  the Individual Rights of all Ukranian’s were put in danger.  


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