Hobby Lobby argued to the Supreme Court that their religious values are being destroyed because they must pay to insure their employees for abortion and contraception which they oppose for religious reasons. But they can opt out of providing contraception and abortion coverage by not providing Medical Insurance and paying a hefty tax/fine; – about $2,000 per employee. In other words Hobby Lobby is being fined because of their religious belief’s. The Supreme Court will rule: So What? Don’t provide medical insurance at all, pay the fine and keep your religion intact. That’s nonsense on multi levels.

No one should be forced to pay a tax because they don’t do something. The problem for Hobby Lobby is the Supreme court already ruled everyone must: 1.  pay the fine, (they called it a tax even though the legislature specifically refused to call it a tax), if they refuse to provide Medical Insurance or 2. pay for medical insurance. The tax/fine can be paid to the “Government Medical Exchanges”. The exchange means pay cash for compliance or pay cash for non-compliance. It’s the classic, illogical, heads I win, tails you lose.

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