Not a real judge but Jim Wartenberg, an elected Judge of Elections at the Northampton #9 polling place, who disqualified himself by moving out of the district. I was appointed and that didn’t sit well with some of the low information types who concluded, wrongly, that I had somehow kicked out Jim Wartenberg. I did no such thing. Then in a series of temper tantrums and fits of pique based on their wrong conclusions about me kicking out Jim, they used the backdoor political process to have a judge appoint their choice for Judge of Elections. This is about as small and petty as the political process can get and because the Northampton Republican Committee spent time and effort on this they were unable to work to help get Republicans elected. Because of their dirty trick politics Governor Corbett will get fewer voted on November 4th.

A few Republicans on the Northampton Committee agreed with a Democrat who pushed them to get me dis-appointed as Judge of Elections. didn’t like me being appointed so they got someone else appointed to replace Jim Wartenberg. The Democrat Minority Inspector, Barbara McGill, who is married to Steve who was the chairman of the Northampton Republican Committee for about 15 years said: Quote: ” with God as my witness, I started this.” She also said: “Bill got Jim kicked out as Judge of Elections.” That’s crazy talk. That’s pure stupidity and hate coming to the surface from someone who didn’t have the courtesy to return two phone calls to her house.

I never had the power to remove Wartenberg or any other judge. He did it to himself when he moved. If the Minority Inspector Barbara McGill believes I did it, let her prove it. Let her show us her evidence. Her chirping shows how very little she knows about how things are done by the law. It also reveals her deep hate directed towards me. Not a nice attribute for a human being to possess. It also reveals the circle of Corruption in Northampton Township by people who are privilegded to operate under the radar of the voters of Northampton who remain in the dark because they are kept from knowing the truth about the corruption.

In fact, after the verdict from the judge who may or may not have known of the corruption, before I got Barbara McGill’s admission of the part she played in getting the ball rolling, I had approached her and said: “no hard feelings. She said there were none. But after being told off after the verdict in the tainted Judiicial hearing her true feelings came out.

This kind of political corruption shows how ineffective the Insider Corrupt Northampton Republicans are at deciding what to do. A Democrat had to tell them what to do and a few of the really bad Republicans who are still left on the Northampton Republican Committee and who are also on the Bucks Exec Committee went to an enormous amount of time, trouble and effort to keep me, to keep Bill O’Neill, from serving as the Judge of Elections, a very small office that has nothing much to do politically except manage the voting at a small little Northampton Township polling place.

But that’s what has happened here. The good news is they also stopped their “little dog handler” from being appointed too. LOL (Insider joke).

But the additional fact is the Northampton Republicans used a letter that was allegedly signed but not really, by some made up Northampton Republican Executive Committee, (there is no such thing), to “help the court” and the courthouse appoint someone. That’s how the Northampton Republican Committee allows their good name to be used for nefarious purposes. None of them or too few of them object to the wrong use of their name. That’s corrupt.

Who mis-used the good name of the Bucks County Republican Executive Committee? Who signed the letter that showed up in the hands of Judge Cepparulo? Well someone claimed the letter was typed by David Breidinger. Vince Deon signed it and so did Pete Palestina, a long time political hack, in my opinion and ion the opinions of others who’s been used for other questionable things too.

The statute that controls part of the judge of elections qualifications is clear. No one can serve as judge of elections unless they are qualified which means they must live in the district. Wartenberg did then he moved. That disqualified him, not me. McGill said Wartenberg told them he moved. She was correct but that’s not what’s important. Wartenberg moved out of the district.

Appointments for judge can be made temporarily to people who do not live in the district but an elected judge disqualifies himself by moving out of the district. Wartenberg did that. I didn’t put his house up for sale, pack up his things or move him. He did all that on his own.
That’s how Jim Wartenberg removed himself from his elected position. When he moved he was no longer qualified to be the elected judge of elections. That’s why Judge Cepparulo held a hearing to appoint a new judge and Wartenberg never showed up. He knew he couldn’t be appointed. He disqualified himself and he knows it. Now the McGill’s know it too.

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