Here’s a set of facts from the U.S. Dept. of State (Here).

Here’s a deep analysis from Henry Kissinger.  (Here).

Here’s a report from Europe about Sec. Kerry and the Russian Representative.  (Here).

There are many solutions to the current Ukraine crisis. While there are some few people who will not do the right things, the world is full of good people who should be able to propose good solutions. Ukraine is a clash of two cultures. How great it would be to see them come together rather than fly apart. It’s up to leaders, those few leaders who can affect the changes that will solve this. Otherwise it will be just another example of a foreign policy failure.

Will Putin back off? Can he? Must he be forced by evermore escalation of dangerous ideas or will he prove to be a better leader on the global sage than he seems capable of being? Probably not. The good and proper solutions will have to be imposed by others but,…. This can be fixed the right way. Ukraine has the attention of the world. That’s why there’s hope the Ukraine Crisis can be solved in a way that keeps Ukraine whole with only the loss of the Crimea. Unfortunately for those who want to believe good can overcome evil Ukraine may also lose Eastern and Southern Ukraine as Putin punishes Ukraine for their desire to leave Russia’s domination. It’s unfortunate Ukraine will not gather any allies who have the courage to challenge Putin on behalf of Ukraine.  Unfortunately, with two great clashing cultures having an opportunity to show the world how to do it, they failed.

Kissinger, Condoleezza and Zibigniew are coming out preaching, sort of, that America has peaceful options and that America must not go to war over Crimea. That’s what Chamberlain said in 1938 about Czechoslovakia. It didn’t work then but with America being war weary and therefore sort of on the ropes the path to peace is wrongly touted as simply not fighting. The What if they held a war and nobody came?

Something happened to Americans during Vietnam.  Today’s America, mostly, has neither the will, the ability nor the leaders to confront Putin. Bye-bye to the West for Crimea.  


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