In an interview by the Associated Press 4 Mar 2014 Putin blamed the U.S. for the riots against the government in Kiev. But Putin started the riots by enticing the Ukraine President away from signing an agreement in Lithuania with the EU. Ukrainians began rioting because the President accepted an offer from Putin for money and fuel. Putin mocked American President Obama by countering Obama’s comment that Russia was on the wrong side of history by saying Obama’s threats of punitive measures were “a failure to enforce it’s will and it’s vision of the ‘right’ and ‘wrong” side of history.”

Putin said : “I told them a thousand times, Why are You Splitting the Country?”

Putin split the country when it enticed Ukraine President Yanukovych to back out of the deal with the EU. The back-out was caused by Putin’s offer and it’s “acceptance
under duress” by Yanukovych. In response to the back-out, Ukrainians in Kiev began to demonstrate and 3 months later President Yanukovych fled to Russia. Putin offered him asylum. then Putin split the country by invading Southern Ukraine, the Crimea region.

Russia decided to invade Ukraine’s Crimea Region with Unmarked Military Troops and Unmarked Military Vehicles violating the Geneva Conventions of Humanitarian War.


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