See the CBS/Assosciated Press report (HERE). Where was his famous teleprompter? Where was Dan “potatoe” Quayle?

The Liberal Press had a paroxysm of laughter when Dan Quayle misspelled Potato by adding and “E” at the end of the word. Obama FORGOT to include an “E” in Respect. President Bush never misspelled a word in public during his eight years in office. Obama’s mistake is even worse than Quayle who was the Vice President because Obama is the President. No wonder Putin has no respect for Obama. Feckless, in another Cosmos according to Charles Krauthammer who said:” And it’s not clever when Obama says and Kerry also did in Kiev, that this is a sign of weakness and not strength. You have to wonder what cosmos our president and our Secretary of States are living in.” (Here). Krauthammer also said Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer dismissed as “delusional” the Obama administration’s belief that Vladimir Putin has halted his advance in Ukraine, claiming the Russian president is “lying through his teeth.” (Here),

March 6, 2014 Vilnius (AFP) – The United States on Thursday sent six additional F-15 fighter jets to step up NATO’s air patrols over the Baltic states, mission host Lithuania said as West-Russia tensions simmered over Ukraine. A further dozen F-16 fighters and 300 troops will deploy to Poland next week as part of a military training exercise expanded in response to the Russian incursion in Ukraine. Obama also sent the Destroyer USS Truxtun into the black sea to participate in exercises with Romania and Bulgaria and is expected to be in the Black Sea for several days amid a stand-off over Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine according to AP.

But Obama removed the defensive missiles from Poland and Czechoslovakia two years ago as he tried to work with Putin in the now infamous “Reset” that Hillary and Obama used to weaken America’s military position with Russia. The chickens came home to roost as Putin invaded and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea, a jewel in the Black Sea while Obama’s “Reset” got shoved back into Obama’s face by Putin.

Perhaps the loss of the Crimea will awaken Obama to Putin’s disrespect of him and the West. That in turn may lead to a safer world as Obama finally decides to get something in return for Putin’s capture of Crimea. Maybe Obama can take Cuba and Mexico to offset The Crimea. That would solve the Southern Border problem and increase America to 52 states. Take that Vladimir! 

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