If you are serious you have to do something that’s so pleasurable you will be smiling to yourself for years. You will have to listen to female singers. You will have to listen to male singers. You can do that on you tube. You can do that with CD’s but you will have to do the listening.

How do you decide who’s the best? Listen. After listening to lots of singers you will realize there are some fantastic people who sing so much better than normal that sometime they will stop your power to analyze. Your brain will stop. You will get goose bumps. You’ll laugh out loud. You’ll cry. You’ll get to absolutely love people.

Through the power  of microphones and recordings we can hear Caruso again. We can compare his voice to Pavorotti, to Bocelli, to Russell Watson, to ….wait a moment. Who’s Russell Watson?

How about Edith Piaf? Compared to Judy Garland, to Sarah Brightman, to Celine, To Streisand was Piaf better?

What about Elvis? How does his voice compare to Pavarotti? To Josh Groban? To Sinatra? Listen. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed with any of them and also guaranteed you will be surprised.

What about the musicians? Satchmo. Duke Ellington? Itzack Perlman? BOND, The Opera Babes? Chris Botti? Stevie Ray Vaughan? Santana?

Songwriters? Composers? Groups? From ABBA back to the swing and jazz era’s .

The music from the movies? From Broadway? You are in for a treat.

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