Seriously, how do you feel about a political propaganda film for Barack Obama being shown to school kids? It’s not in support of America but in support of Obama. It’s not about support for government but for Obama. It’s made by Oprah, by the video production company she owns and runs. It was planned to be shown to school kids but when it was shown in Wisconsin the parents complained so much that the principal and the School Superintendent promised never to show it again. You can see the video Here.

“Hudson Middle School leaders are apologizing to furious Conservative parents for showing their kids an Obama Propaganda Video to encourage youth volunteerism last week.

 According to Fox News, the video was produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios in 2009 for Barack Hussein Obama.  It’s four minutes and nineteen seconds long.

 The video opens with an iconic red and blue image of Obama’s face and Obama is speaking.

Hollywood actors and actresses ask children to volunteer more and be nice to people. 

At 2 minutes 35 seconds into the video a rapper wearing an Obama ‘08 shirt gives a political message.  The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers pledges allegiance to Barack Obama and kisses his muscles as he says Obama’s name in time index 3:17.

The rapper in the Obama ‘08 shirt reappears at time index 3:45 .

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher appear at time index 3:56 and pledge allegiance to Obama and tell people to serve the President!  At that point, a big red and blue Obama mosaic fades in with the message – “Be the Change!”

This is propaganda, pure and simple. Oprah is beside herself to prove an African-American can be a great President but there are boundaries she should respect. Her video does not belong in a school, even up to and including a university. It’s a political video. It has nothing to do with educating children, at least not in an American way to be the best individual you can be.

Telling kids to work for free is bad enough because it’s anti-American. Americans work for themselves. They expect to be paid for their work with money. Chinese work for China. Americans work to get paid. Chinese expect to be pushed around by their neighbors. Americans including Oprah resent being pushed around but the Oprah video wants people to work, not like Oprah who collects fantastically huge amounts of money, but for free. People want to be paid and should be paid for their work, even children.

American Unions have a lot to say about that. The Unions would be furious if college students showed up at public schools and announced they would teach for free. That’s one thing Oprah’s video wants people to do. Work for free.

Americans want to pay for what they get. Socialists and totalitarians want people to work for them, not for themselves. That’s what America was based on and that’s what Oprah should know. This is a very bad video. It’s should never be shown again to Americans.

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