After the Kennedy assassination Lyndon Johnson became President. Many people wanted to show how much they loved John Kennedy so they coted Democrat. In the next Federal election Democrats seized control of Congress and the Presidency. Lyndon Johnson was able to pass loads of Progressive Trickle-Up legislation that jerked America to the far left of the Socialist – Capitalist culture. America became Socialist by Legislation. The rich were to be punished and the poor rewarded to get votes for Progressives. The middle class was pushed further towards poverty. Businesses could not afford to stay in America so they had to leave America and set-up manufacturing in China and Southeast Asia. America ceased to control America. The Progressives became Despotic Kings who ruled by Corruption. Woe Came.

The Democrats in Congress and the Democrat Presidents continued to push around  Americans. Inflation soared. From 1061, when JFK started as President until today inflation in America has decreased the value of the dollar 13% a year. The effect of inflation is subtle. As the value of the dollar tanks, things cost more but even high rates of inflation don’t kick in everyday. Some items cost more as workers get raises. Other items increase because the workers have more money after their raises they can afford to buy say a better home or a more expensive car. The selling price of their home gets higher every year so they’re happy with the lower value of the dollar. Inflation is like watching ray turn into night. It happens so slowly that it’s not noticed from one moment to the next but soon the daylight is gone. The value of the Dollar tanked. The US Inflation Calculator shows the value of the dollar when Kennedy was elected. Set it at $1.00. In 2013 it’s worth $7.79. If you don’t think much like an economist you think. That’s good. My house in Parkwood Manor cost $13,000 in 1961. Using the Inflation calculator it’s worth $101,285.65. What that really means is your $13,000 decreased to $1,914.30. What happened to your $11,085.70? Who took it? You should figure that out yourself. the answer in in his post but the information has to get into you brain. Only you can do that so get busy and figure out why inflation hurt you.

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