Liver Cancer Returned… A Stent to hold open her bile duct was replaced after it clogged.. She’s had colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, she fell and broke three ribs, has a stent in her coronary artery, a stent in her liver, cancerous nodules in her lungs, had a portion of her lung removed and in down to less than five feet tall,  Eighty seven years of life behind her… What lies ahead for this courageous woman?

Perhaps the Supreme Court is her life but at 87 she needs to take off the spurs, quit riding so hard, kick back and take a bit of a rest before whatever she want’s to do next but at her age there’s not much time to do too much. She has two children and four grandchildren who need to see a bit more of her. She’s four years past the average lifetime of American women. the doctors are keeping her alive but not an achievement. Living well is the best we can do. Perhaps RBG is living well but to outsiders it doesn’t appear that she is. Now’s her chance for her to watch how and to let America, get along without her at the Supreme Court. No one is indispensable. The world is full of courageous people born in 1933 and even before that. With good food, good doctors and a loving family, RBG has some happy times ahead of her but, sadly, unfortunately, most of her happy times are in the past. Asked to retire she asked: “Who would you prefer on the court?” We can name hundreds of people who could serve America as good and as great as RBG. She’s earned a nice rest. She’s worth over $4 million so she has more than enough money even though for some people there never is enough money but what we don’t know is how much time RBG has left to enjoy her life.

It’s up to her to decide when to retire. We believe she is really against president Trump and that’s not a good thing for her. If that’s the reason she’s staying put it’s not a good one. Nor is it fair to whoever she is keeping off the court by staying on. President Trump is a deal maker. If RBG want’s to be certain she is replaced by a person like her, she can make a deal with president Trump but perhaps the president is going to wait until after he’s elected again to mount a silent campaign to get RBG to face the music of life and prepare herself for what will come to her because it comes to each of us.

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