First Liar Loses is a political rule in Washington as will be seen on Tuesday as President Obama, the most gifted orator ever to become an American President, addresses, — preaches really, his pronouncements that will continue his defiance and overthrow of the Rule of Law in America. Hello Chairman  Mao. Particularly offensive is his Enemies List, the largest and most aggressive of any American President ever. Most gifted, most feared and with good reasons. The one sided prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza is neither the worst nor the last of the individuals prosecuted despite the alleged protection of his First Amendment Right to Free Speech but the President has buddies to help prosecute private Americans.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) proposed using the Internal Revenue Service to curtail Tea Party group funding during a speech on how to “exploit” and “weaken” the movement at the Center for American Progress on Thursday. Three more years until the nightmare of Democrat control of the Senate and the Presidency ends.

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