Carly Fiorina said Donald Trump is “tapping into an anger that I hear every day.”
“People are angry that a commonsense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary cities is somehow considered extreme,” she told ABC.”
“People are angry at a professional political class that talks a good game, gives good speeches, but nothing ever really changes,” she added. “And people are angry as well at a double standard in the media.”

Fiorina said she had not been asked a “single question” about Trump’s comments on immigration during six days in New Hampshire.

Fiorina also blasted Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton saying the former secretary of State’s policies create more income inequality. Every policy she is pursuing will make income inequality worse, not better, crony capitalism even worse, not better.“

What is Capitalism? What does it require or depend on? What’s needed before it can happen? Ayn Rand argues: Capitalism is “a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.” In practice, this means that a capitalist society is one in which the government performs a single function: it protects individual rights by banning “physical force from human relationships.”

Pure capitalism, she concludes, has never existed: but in the countries that approached it, with America in the second half of the nineteenth century leading the way, the individual was able to flourish. This is because capitalism is the only system that fully recognizes that man is the rational being who “has the right to exist for his own sake,” free from coercion by others.


Obama has very little idea what Capitalism is. He’s been all about puniching whites and praising blacks since he took the oath of office and Trump knows it. So do the American people who support him. Perhaps he cannot get the votes from the Democratic voters on the Left but middle Americans know Trump is correct in what he says is wrong with America. Obama is no Trump and the people know it. Obama is yesterday. Hillary is even worse because she’s developed the strongest hatful personality partly because of her philandering husband, partly because of her Left education and thinking and it shows in her approach to more and bigger government. Trump knows she’s wrong and the Left is wrong. People know that.

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