Obamacare is just BIG BROTHER running the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Doctors can’t make medical decisions because the bureaucrats who have more power than the KGB (the KGB was only a spy operation, the IRS is a spy and enforcement operation),  tell the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies what tests, procedures and drugs they can preform or they don’t get paid. Obamacare is the worst way to control medicine by people who didn’t go to medical school. The fictional novel “1984” introduced “Big Brother” . Obamacare is a product of Big Brother thinking plus the IRS, people worse than police because at least the police need warrants to spy on people, being used to make sure no one steps out of line and doesn’t escape the grip of the IRS apparatus to run medicine.

The KGB Medical Insurance Plans are controlling one sixth of the American Economy. Wait for Obama and his IRS to get control of the other five sixths of the American Economy.

Obama is jealous of the control Raul Castro has in Cuba. He shook hands with Castro out of respect for him.

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