He’s a gifted Orator, a Loyal Socialist, a closet Anti-Colonialist, and a brilliant pragmatic Sleazy Politician. The man represents a four horse team pulling the carriage away from traditional American values. He’s Obama-gedden, Obama-calypse and the Obama-baphomet for America. Worse than the mythical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, War, Famine and Death to the birthright Freedoms of America being replaced by this firey rider from hell who is bent on destroying first of all, the American Economy by massive over-spending, the American Dollar by massive borrowing, the American Military by Sequestration and the cancellation of Military research, the replacement of American jobs with parasitic privleged bureaucrats to hollow out the industrial, commercial base of America and the adoption of failure as a major value. These are anthetical to foundational, Constitutional American Principles.  He’s presently, in the last days of his first Presidency, on a SIX MILLION DOLLAR vacation being served by a staff larger than a Russian Czar, a completely unearned vacation for which he paid nothing.   

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