White-haired Anthea is some kind of religious associate professor at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania where she attracts lots of attention because of her attribution of evil motives to conservatives. Anthea’s consumed by the racial component of America and covers her every word, phrase and wrong idea with the dog whistles her newly abolitionist inspired guilt, blame and mendacity invent. This is a driven woman who has been leveraged into her position by affirmative action. She’s insulated from harm by race so she glibly blames whites, Conservatives, Pentecostals, Republicans and thereby most of America for her concocted plight. Anthea said: “it’s also about the fear of not having enough guns if the brown people and the black people rise up and come and getcha”. (Here).

Anthea Butler has some very different ideas and from her comments we can conclude she connects lots of them with the dots of race. No matter so far as her being of concern to the good people who tolerate outliers. America, after all is not called the land of milk, fruit and nuts because there are too few nuts lying around.

Butler also wrote: “Listen up, evangelicals and conservative Christians. You can’t say that because God isn’t in a classroom, that we as a nation have reaped what we’ve sown—and then ask for guns in schools at the same time. Those children and teachers were innocent. You can’t compare this to abortion. It’s a false equivalence. If you continue to allow these theological hacks to speak for you, or if you as clergy repeat this asinine excuse to your congregation this Advent season, you lead your people astray, and you have blood on your hands as well.” (Here). Do you understand all of her points? I don’t.  But strangely, I agree with parts of some of her statements.

Agreed that Newtown, CT happened because God wasn’t in the classroom. It happened in a government run school, and religions are about God or Gods therefore it’s best they be separate from the public schools. So it’s true God wasn’t in the classroom at Newtown. But, — this is a big But, —  People who believe in God believe God is everywhere. So she’s right that the pastors cannot say Newtown happened because God wasn’t in the classroom. She’s also right that the Newtown Massacre has nothing to do with abortion. I don’t know where she got that connection but she’s right. Abortion had nothing to do with Newtown. 

America’s First Amendment not only protects truth, it gives each person the Power to say what they want but there are consequences for strange speech. Free Speech pertains to associate professors too but neither speech nor Abortion propels people towards a religion. Butlers problems aside, how can sensible people believe whites want guns because they fear an uprising of brown and black people? Anthea does. We know that because we can watch the video where she says it. Oh my Anthea, what’s going on inside that head?

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