Did you know it’s not your country anymore?

SAM DONALDSON: “The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was: “We want  to take back our country.” Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our  country and you’re part of it.”

Sam’s always been a poor thinker. He thinks it’s not our country anymore, then he says it’s our country. He’s been parasiting off too many people for too long to have credibility as a Capitalist. Sam’s a Left Wing Opportunist. He applied for and took money from the people for his ranch. That’s not only not the Capitalist way, it’s not even the Socialist way because even Socialists want people to take according to their needs and Sam had way too much money to need more money. Sam is a cheap shot contradictionalist.

Here’s what the Seattle Times and AP reported:

Sam Donaldson Gets Farm Subsidies

WASHINGTON – ABC newsman Sam Donaldson, who owns a sheep ranch in New Mexico, was criticized yesterday by New York’s Republican senator for receiving thousands of dollars in federal farm subsidies. Donaldson said he dislikes the subsidy system but it’s part of staying competitive in the sheep business. In a Senate speech, Sen. Alfonse D’Amato read from a Wall Street Journal article published Thursday that Donaldson was the third-largest recipient of wool and mohair payments in Lincoln County, N.M.

Over the last two years, $97,000 in subsidy checks have gone to Donaldson’s address in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, the story said. And, under an agricultural conservation cost-sharing program, Donaldson also got $3,500 earlier to defray livestock-watering costs.

“Now there are plenty of other examples of absentee landlords receiving these farm subsidies, but it is particularly glaring that millionaire Sam Donaldson is getting this taxpayers’ money,” said D’Amato. “Sam Donaldson, give that money back.”

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