Obama broke the agreement signed by Condoleezza Rice in the Bush era regarding the placement is a Missile Shield in Poland and Czechoslovakia. He sold out the Poles and the Czech’s.

Last year Europe warned Obama: “this relationship is not working because Obama is less interested in Europe than other places.

Then he made a strategic blunder by ignoring the EU Summit in Vilnius on Nov 28-29. It was worse than that. He ignored Ukraine’s pleas for justice against Russia. Instead Obama sent Joe Biden to China.

Obama’s bad foreign policy judgments towards Europe and Western Asia are almost legendary, there have been so many of them . It’s part of his overall distain against The West. He is going to South Africa, a thirteen hour journey to a relatively inconsequential country compared to the far more advanced nations and cultures of Europe and Western Asia which are only five hours from Washington.

Every country and culture is important. The Funeral of Nelson Mandela is important. But compared to the West, the issues are very different. South Africa is an oasis. Mandela is an important part of Africa and of the world. If he were alive and capable he would be helping lead the changes in the West, especially in Ukraine because of the connection to freedom. Mandela was a socialist but he fought for freedom.

Obama needs to step up his game towards the West.

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