Ukraine is being blackmailed by Putin who demands Ukraine stay out of the European Union. He’s demanding Ukraine join the Russian Customs Union instead and he will raise the price of natural gas to Ukraine if Ukraine joins the European Union. If Ukraine doesn’t join the CU Ukraine goods shipped into Putin’s CU Zone will have higher duties on them making them more expensive. Higher duties will eliminate 400,000 Ukraine Jobs. Putin Bribe has lots of power over Ukraine.

Ukraine leader Yanukovich favors Russia, Putin and the Custom’s Union. Demonstrators oppose them and have been protesting  Ukraine is not without some bargaining chips in the game. Ukraine has huge farms. Russia needs to import Ukrainian food. In addition many Ukrainians are angry, protesting and demonstrating against Russia and Putin. Here. 

This is a big issue and so far Obama has abandoned Ukraine. Ukraine was going to sign an agreement with the European Common Market on Nov 29 in Lithuania but then Putin threatened Ukraine.

Obama and Europe failed to counter Putin so Ukraine had to agree with the Russian Blackmail. See the article Here.

The Ukrainians need to stop liking Putin and Russia. At least that way the long term effects of Putin’s blackmail will have a negative effect on him and his KGB tactics. 

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