Oprah Gail Winfrey doesn’t get it. She has been passed by history. The battle for equality for black people is over. Racism is not an attribute of Americans. Racism is not an agenda item for white Americans.

America elected a black man to be President–  twice.

The United States Attorney General is black. 

Roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black. In addition 40+% of all federal entitlements go to black people as non-black people pay for them. That’s three times the payment rate that goes to whites, and five times the rate that goes to

Even worse, Oprah actually said:  “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

Die? She means the people she considers prejudiced and racist will not be converted so their wrong views, wrong in her view, cannot be overcome. The view holders “just have to ie”. Her words.

Why is Oprah a spokesperson for race? Answer: she’s not. Oprah is a supporter of and, perhaps, a spokesperson for – black people but she routinely condemns  people of a different race, which means she is not talking about race but of her reaction to race by non-black people. 

Oprah is wildly successful and in a world where money is a major indicator of superiority, Oprah can and should feel superior to other people. Oprah is by that definition, superior.

Here’s a fact Oprah needs to learn. Everyone is a member of a race and almost everyone has a view about race, – their race and the other races. Why would she think she does not have to prove her point that older people with a different view will have to die instead of providing support for her claim that some older people view race different than her? If Oprah wants to solve race issues or racism itself, why pick on whites? Racism, bigotry, and prejudice are universal attributes.   

Another point is that Oprah has her own views, belief’s and knowledge that are unique to her. Many of her views are consistant with the views of other people but she has her own unique intellectual inventory. Call it her psycho-epistemology. What’s that? “the method by which he acquires and organizes knowledge—the method by which his mind deals with its content. The method programs his subconscious computer, determining how efficiently, lamely or disastrously his cognitive processes will function. The programming of a man’s subconscious consists of the kind of cognitive habits he acquires; these habits constitute his psycho-epistemology.

“It is a child’s early experiences, observations and subverbal conclusions that determine this programming. Thereafter, the interaction of content and method establishes a certain reciprocity: the method of acquiring knowledge affects its content, which affects the further development of the method, and so on.” That’s a description of psycho-epistemology by Leonard Peikoff over 50 years ago.

Oprah gets a lot of things right but she is very wrong in her attitudes towards race, towards racism and especially about her attributions of racism in others. Too many white people voted for Obama for Oprah to be correct in her idea that racism is a defining attribute of Americans. It’s not. She’s wrong. And by now she should realize most people do not define themselves in terms of their race. Oprah doesn’t get that. Strangely, Oprah seems to ignore the money she received from people who are not black.

See “Oprah’s Hate Speech” by Michael Hurd here.

Walter Williams has a far better perspective on the Black-White difference than Oprah, HERE.

Where, -except in the America, the America that Oprah routinely condemns because there are people who don’t like black people, – could Oprah have succeeded? She is reputed to be the only black female billionaire in the world. She has such an enormous influence among both black and non-black people that she is reputed to have gained over a million votes for Barack Obama. No white person, no prejudicial biased, bigoted old racist “who has to die” has anywhere near that amount of power and influence.

Why doesn’t Oprah speak about Robert Mugbe?  Or about other dictators and tyrants in Africa? Of course she doesn’t have to do it. It’s her decision who to speak about and who to support but the subject of race is a worldwide subject but America and Americans don’t deserve to be singled out and condemned because of Oprah’s ideas.  

In case someone is curious about my psycho-epistemology about racism, part of it was formed during many, many visits to many African countries and cities and to numerous discussions with Africans as well as living and working along side African Americans. That’s how I know Oprah’s attitudes about race are behind history. In short, Oprah is wrong about race more than she is right.

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