He’s now 70. If he reached sexual maturity in 1963 at age 18 he’s had 52 years to sleep with “thousands” of women, as Linda Tripp claimed. If he slept with a different woman every 9.4 days that’s 2,000 women.

Walt Chamberlain claimed he slept with 20,000 different women from when he was age 15 to age 55.  He wrote about it in a book. That’s 9.6 women per week which is about 1.4 every night. Chamberlain was famous for threesome’s. 

Of course Clinton had sex or intercourse with some women more than once and some weeks he had more women than other weeks so Linda Tripp’s claim that Bill Clinton had “thousands” of women is entirely possible on the basis of the arithmetic.

These men are dysfunctional perverts and Hillary is perverted too because she paid off Bill’s Bimbo’s then deceived and lied about it.  

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