The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle used by Lee Harvey Oswald was a 25 caliber but it is usually referred to as a 6.5 millimeter Model 91/38. The distance of the third shot was about 88 yards. The rifle had a 4 power scope. The ballistics of the cartridge show it could easily be fired with more than sufficient accuracy. The two shots that hit the President came from Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle. Victor Bugliosi in his book Parkland advances the theory the rifle could have been fired by Oswald using the standard sights in which case the 4 power scope would not have been necessary. Bugliosi however does not insist that the open sights were used or that the scope was not used.

With all of the investigations into the assassination the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter has been proven to be fact. What is not known at all is why he did it.

There are plenty of people who doubt Oswald acted alone. He was certainly known to the KGB because he had gone to live in Moscow. He supported the ideas of Marx. He believed in Socialism. Fifty years after the assassination we know plenty of people have those belief’s but do not murder people. It is certain Oswald did. His life was a tragedy and because of it’s failure he caused a tragedy. Tragedy. That’s his only legacy. Sad.



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