The Northampton Township GOP, that means the elected officials, those appointed by them and the Republican Committee can provide a great service to the people of Northampton. They have within their power the choice to change their behaviors from being aggravating to being normal people. The NGOP changed for the worse several decades ago when they began to play dirty politics. Many of their illicit activities are chronicled on this website. Specifically they targeted individuals instead of trying to broaden their ideas. They sued Northampton citizens for purely political reasons. They violated the rules of the Republican party. They violated the rules of decency and they engaged in criminal activities to promote their political agenda.

The Northampton GOP does not represent “Republicans”. While they benefit from the party label, they add nothing to the party. As Tip O’Neill famously said: “all politics are local” but they aren’t. Politics are local, regional, county wide, state-wide and national. The issues of today have become more important because they are known by more people and the issues are known faster than ever because of the Internet. The success of the Democratic party on the national level happened partly because of the higher use of the internet and of internet savvy people and mostly because the Democratic Party saw the potential and used it. the Republicans fell behind but that’s changing.

The Northampton GOP can once again play by the rules. If they do the people of Northampton will benefit. If not the level of discourse will get even more crude. The choice is with the NGOP. 

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