It’s not the guns. It’s not the bullets. It’s the Shooters.
Who aims the guns? Who pulls the triggers? Why did 82 people get shot? Was it white-on-black racist crime? Nope. Is it because white people commit more crimes than other races? Nope.

“The white radio show host interviewing the black preacher asked why more blacks are incarcerated than whites. The preacher, in a nutshell, said: whites have relationships with other whites that keep them out of jail. Think about that. Cops are not roaming the streets collecting innocent blacks. Quite the opposite — cops across America are being ordered by the DOJ to look the other way, tolerating black crime in the name of “racial sensitivity”. Remember the black Baltimore mayor ordering her police to “Let them loot. It’s only property”?

“A few years ago, Democrats were elated when Obama’s AG Eric Holder sought to cut mandatory minimum drug sentences claiming them to be unfair to blacks.

“For decades, drug abuse and related crime continue to wreak havoc in the black community. Over the July 4th weekend, 82 were shot and 14 were killed in Chicago drug wars. So why on earth would the DOJ focus on reducing jail time for drug dealers?

“The black community would have been better served had the Obama Administration spent its time and money campaigning for blacks to abandon using and selling illegal drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. But, that’s just my weird uncle Tom-ish way of thinking.

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