For the first time in history Northampton voters can vote for a Republican, –  Barbara Bucknum – on the Democrat Ballot.

Let me say that again. Democrats Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham have appointed Republicans during their time as majority supervisors but they really stood up and added Republican Barbara Bucknum to the actual Democrat Ballot.

So Republicans can vote for Barbara on the Democrat side of the ballot. Hopefully Barbara’s honesty in the tax office where she made sure all the taxes paid were correctly recorded, hopefully that good work will count with the voters.

Barbara’s “Button Number” is #10B . It’s right under Jim Cunningham’s #8B and that’s next to Frank Rothermel’s #9B. If you want to reward Frank and Jim for a great job and for presenting a bi-partisan ballot, vote for  them in addition to Barbara. #8B, #9B and #10B.

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