Northampton’s Republican Venomsite refers to Dingleberry Donnie’s quote. That would be the little man with his carrypup, Halloween bag and upside down flag pin who should call himself “The Contaminator” because he thought the public water was contaminated when it wasn’t. Dingle was booted off the Sewage Board but you can visit him while he bullies people at Northampton District #3 on election day. He was appointed by the Corrupt Komelasky Klan for a second one-day job this year. More evidence of  political favoritism for Ding this year and another political favor made by the Corrupt Komelasky Klan. Pathetic.

How much more expensive is a $193,000 Solar System than a $111,000 system? Dingle thinks going from $111,000 to $193,000 is not 74%.  A local first grader explained how it’s done. Subtract $111,000 from $193,000. Use that as The Numerator and divide it by The Denominator, $111,000. The answer is how much higher the $193,000 solar system is. 74% too high. Try it Ding, it shows how bad the Solar deal really was. Too high by far too much.

There’s another way to use arithmetic to find out how much the Sewage Board overpaid but it requires some small ability with things called decimals. Divide $111,000 by $193,000. Subtract that decimal from one. Divide the second answer by the first. It’s still 74%

Next the Wizard of Ooze thinks I’m a candidate. Where did he get that information? A dream? The Tooth Fairy?  

Next little Ding forgot he gave his solar panel quote to the Venomsite. He also forgot he displayed it at the October Supervisors meeting. His own poster clearly shows the $111,000 system is equal to the shady solar deal. Same kilowatts. What? He forgot? Maybe when he matures his memory will return.

Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and other upstanding Northampton citizens know what The Contaminator has been pushing and why. Tell him his sewage isn’t welcome in Northampton. On November 5th push buttons #8B and #9B. Lets keep the stench out of Northampton. Lets return two decent men to the Board of Supervisors. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. Push Buttons #8B and #9B 

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