World famous, the ferry to go from Kowloon on the mainland to Hong Kong which is an island, the ferry was $0.05 or an American nickel until well into the 1960’s. It’s a bit of a ride across Hong Kong harbor so the ferry has seats but a lot of people simply stand for the ride. The ferry is a Hong Kong institution, like the world famous Peninsula hotel in Kowloon. A trip to Hong Kong is a reward for a life well lived. Hong Kong and Kowloon is not like Europe or any other place because all the way round the world from England, it’s easy to get along in English but a few local words can work wonders in getting a smile from the local shopkeepers. The Peninsula Hotel is another world class destination. Great rooms, great restaurants, great bars and great service make the Peninsula a wonderful place to use as a base for explorations in Kowloon and Hong Kong. My first experience was in 1975 when I had to wait a week in Hong Kong for a visa to visit Canton in China for the Export Fair to buy and sell to China. I used the time to buy oriental furniture, gifts and my first expensive watch, an Omega which I still use. On another trip, this time with my wife we bought tailor made clothes. Hong Kong is a standout among the 92 countries I visited.

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