Phil Gianficaro is a characterless, grumpy male columnist for The Bucks County Courier Times who hates, hates, hates our president Trump. The title above is the first time a vulgar word has been used on this wensite but he deserves the vulgarity.

He’s a moronic man overly impressed with his little minded self.  Gianficaro, a blathering Left Socialist thinks government should provide the service of doctors, nurses and drugs free to everyone but he lacks a plan to pay for all of that.

Gianfic hates Trump as only a mentally distorted maniac can hate. He said about the president of the United States: “He would have set his bloated ego aside.” as though Gianfic has a small ego. It takes a load of Chupzah to call the president an egoist but Gianfic is up to the task of demonizing his and our president… Shame..

Gianfic thinks government, not the marketplace should provide Caronvirus testing and treatment free. How would the doctors be paid? Gianfic has no idea about that. Gianfic is also incensed that president Trump lowered the cost of government, government that in Gianfic’s distorted ideas about the marketplace are that it and Capitalism in general are mortal sins.


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