Fighting against Obama brought out millions of people who objected to his heavy handed rule over them. The Democrats, Pelosi and Reid, Obama, the mainstream media, the Left, the Liberals represented a lot of what went wrong with government. Demonstrations in Washington DC were the beginning. Glenn Beck was an early spokesman. Sarah Palin. Dick Army, The Kitchen Table Patriots in Bucks County PA. The Jefferson Club. Other “out” groups supported Mike Fitzpatrick’s re-election after Mike was defeated by Patrick Murphy. Second Amendment supporters worried about more and more rules and regulations that would weaken their right to keep and bear arms saw the demonstrations and formed their own protesters.

Now that Obama’s leaving the Presidency the reason for the Tea Parties is a lot less. They’ve sort of morphed into a far right Conservative group that supports Trump, of course but their biggest gripe is Roe v. Wade. Their problem has always been the utter logic of Roe. Roe was good law when it was made in 1973. It’s been constantly assailed over the 43 years and it’s still standing despite the conservatives failed onslaughts. It’s still good law, at least because it’s withstood everything for 43 years and since abortion has been an attribute of the human race since time out of mind, as Justice Blackmun wrote in the 7 to 2 opinion that got him shot at in his third floor apartment in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac river from Washington, D.C. The bullet was recovered from a chair inside his living room.

Poland, one of the most Catholic countries just defeated an abortion ban. See the report HERE.

Four hundred years before the birth of Christ, The Hippocratic Oath condemned abortion but as Justice Blackmun wrote in the Roe decision, it didn’t work. Abortion continued. Balckmun wrote that despite the Hippocratic Oath that condemned abortion: “Most Greek thinkers, on the other hand, commended abortion, at least prior to viability. See Plato, Republic, V, 461; Aristotle, Politics, VII, 1335b 25.
So the tea party may soldier on to try to get Roe repealed but with Obama leaving office their main reason to exist is leaving too.

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