Some of the Northampton Insider Republicans have been writing to the Courier to try to defeat Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. It’s not working. Their writing abilities are fine for perhaps fifth grade but most people read at a higher grade level so the argument’s are simple, unsophisticated and wrong. The wrong part is their problem.

Rothermel and Cunningham have a big lead over the Republican Insider Candidates and it’s getting bigger because of the screeching of the Northampton Republican Insiders who made big mistakes in the Primary election and backed some wrong candidates. The Republican Insiders shot themselves in the foot so many times over the years which caused them to lose their effectiveness and credibility.

The worse they get the worse they get. That’s not a tautology. It’s a recap of the facts. Three election losses put the Democrats in power and that turned out to be the best for Northampton. Rothermel and Cunningham returned free speech to the Supervisor meetings and stopped the constant tax increases of the NGOP. Everything is better under Frank and Jim so they are ahead in the polls.

Yes, there is polling data about the Northampton Supervisor and Tax Collector candidates and it goes to prove how wrong the local Republican leadership has been.

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