When a government agency collects grant money from government it’s a tax increase. For example, the Sewer Board bought a $190,050.00 solar panel system and the seller collected $89,000.00 in “Grant” (tax) money from the State of PA and the Federal Government. Grant money comes from funds that are fed with tax money.

So the Sewer Board raised taxes $89,000.00 Who would think the Sewer Board was given the power to tax people? They were not ever given that power so collecting grants is a subterfuge for spending without being responsible for collecting the tax money used to fund the grants. Well now you know about the hidden tax increases and you have an additional reason to vote for the two Supervisor Candidates who will be able to stop the sewer board from increasing taxes again. How will they do that?

The majority on the Board of Supervisors get to appoint replacement Directors for the Sewer Board. The Republicans, i.e., Komelasky, Deon and Silver, appointed the three sewer board members Albano, Farling and Jim (that’s his last name), who voted for the $190,050.00 solar panels which collected $89,000.00 in tax money from the State and the Federal Government. I call all six of them Insider Republicans or bad Republicans because they increased spending every year they were in power. Rothermel and Cunningham did not. They get my vote. I’m tired of tax increases especially when they are called grants.

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