If you were born in the first half of the last century you probably think “Bastard” means someone born to unmarried parents. Bastard means that and more. (1) The Northampton GOP, unfortunately, has been supporting an anonymous and cowardly website that uses pastel colors, not the bold, vivid colors you see here. The coward hates family values. I’ve heard him lie to the police. He’s supported by the Northampton GOP Committee.

Oh, no he’s not you say? Which Northampton GOP committee people have denounced him? I’ll tell you who has. No one.

I’ve condemned his unpatriotic principles, his distain for family values and his dislike for small family pets but he sees me as the enemy of freedom. Nonsense. Everything about me and this website support American Values and the value of American Exceptionism. How can I prove that? Look into my eyes, read this website and remember that everything here was written by me or by someone I name.

Some people think anonymity is protected by the First Amendment but the First Amendment is written so people like me can seek redress. Anonymous people don’t need the First Amendment because there’s nothing to protect. The Constitution is written for people, not nothings.   

 (1) The new bastards include: scoundrels, reprobates and dirtbags. They are referred to as: villains rogues rascals weasels snakes snakes in the grass, miscreants good-for-nothings, lowlife‘s, creeps, nogoodniks, scamps,

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