“Due to the fire at Dietz and Watson we are unable to offer Dietz and Watson products.” So read signs all over Bucks as customers were inconvenienced greatly because of the fire that burned partly because Solar Panels prevented Firefighters from pouring water on the blaze. Article Here.

“We may very well not be able to save buildings that have alternative energy,” William Kramer, New Jersey’s acting fire marshall, said.

Read the article and dozens of similar articles that show some of the hidden dangers of Solar Panels. At the last Sewer Board meeting I warned about the danger of thinking solar panels are benign and that residents should not get misled by the hype surrounding solar panels that are dangerous on the ground and more dangerous on a roof.

The Solar Panels at the Sewer Board and in Warrington should be fenced off because of the danger to children, animals and workers.


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