After causing all of the traffic bottlenecks in Northampton, the Northampton GOP, the NGOP, is trying without success to blame the decades long traffic problems on the Democrats. Bernie Madoff has more integrity than NGOP. Incredible as it seems NGOP want’s to return to power. There are many issues in Northampton from 200+ years of NGOP Management, the biggest is the vast number of tax and fee increases as the Northampton Republicans used tricks and treachery to line their pocketbooks. It’s good the voters saw through the subterfuges and gave control of the township to some people with integrity. From eliminating traffic increases to never raising any tax, never increasing any tax or fees and never creating any new fees or taxes Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham deserve to be re-elected.

After all, Supervisor George Komelasky has been in office seemingly since Caesar crossed the Rubicon so he and his cohorts who ran Northampton caused the all the traffic in Northampton. From the Bristol Road-Buck Road debacle to the daily go-slows all over Northampton they had plenty of time and many opportunities to make the daily commute faster but they failed. In Holland even WAWA decided to pull out of the shopping center when Komelasky insisted WAWA build and pay for another lane on Holland Road. Komolasky and his cohorts knew the traffic was bad but they decided to insist WAWA fix it. Now the Northampton GOP wants to wrongly blame Supevisors Rothermel and Cunningham for the GOP caused problems.

The Northampton GOP pulled up my political signs in every political race since 1995. I used to call the township and they would check and tell me how many of my signs they pulled up that day. I would retrieve them and put them up again and that continued until I sued the Supervisors in Federal Court and won. Six years later they did it again so I sued them again and won again. That didn’t stop Supervisor Komelasky from kicking over my political signs. How low can Komelasky go? Check some of the hate websites created during his rule of the Northampton GOP, rule that is still in effect in the secret backroom deals that continue to support “anonymous” Northampton Republican websites.

So the Northampton Republican fraud continues. Letters printed in the Courier from Rita Adair, Ed Farling, and Jerry Bass show the Northampton GOP is more broken then the other GOP, the Government Of Pakistan.

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