Shame on the American Senate Majority for concocting “9-11 No.2”, the second attack on America by the Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Senator Diane Feinstein, President Barack Obama and everyone connected with the oxymoron “Intelligence Report” officially called: “The Senate Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program”. Those connected with the preparation and release of this illicit document should resign their elected offices and banish themselves to Tierra del Fuego because of the traitorous damage done to the American hero’s who protected America after 9-11. The Left Wing Media refer to it as “The Torture Report” but the American Left Wing Media should know what torture really is because they witnessed the people who jumped to their death from the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Should the men who are caught fighting against America be tortured? Most likely they should be shot to end the danger they are to America and to the safety of Americans but American’s in general have been taught that America is the enemy and loads of them believe the American Military is a force for evil in the world just as so many Americans believe the American Police are White Racists and even the black American police are called White Racists because they support the arrest of black teen’s caught raping, robbing, knocking out and murdering people.

Far too many Americans act like a deer caught in the headlights, paralyzed and frozen by fear, eyes wide open but blind to the danger of the Left, the Democrats and the Republicans in their governments as the leopard growls quietly, inside the wall of the fort.

Many Americans think Obama is the problem and they are correct. Unfortunately for Freedom, The President has millions of deluded followers who adore him and who are helping him with the first American Dictatorship.

Obama has been fighting for all his life to shut down his imagined enemy, America.

Even worse than fighting a friend he has agitated and formed a large group within an even larger group, all dedicated to the intellectual and physical murder of the United States of America. The man and the movement constitute the most immoral kind of deception possible, even worse than the now-failed Russian Revolution that deceived and murdered millions in the name of “the people”. The Trojan Horse is inside the walls of Troy. Goodbye America, goodbye freedom, goodbye individual responsibility and hello Socialism.

When the Progressive Left began their takeover of academia in the 1920’s, they began inculcating their radical worldview all across the spectrum. They must have been surprised at the ease their anti-American ideas took root and grew. Five generations later, university students are no longer encouraged to seek out the truth, whatever the cost – they are taught which ideas to suppress and which to promote. Leaning on the organizing ideas of Saul Alinsky and the strategies of Cloward-Piven, the American Left organized so successfully that Americans elected their first enemy to the White House along with a Democrat run Congress and Senate and the damage was done.

The culmination was seen in NYC where marchers chanted they wanted “dead cops”. See Here.

This is part of the developing legacy of the first Kenyan-American clever and deceptive enough to get elected President. This is how the Progressives who were set in motion almost a hundred years ago on the American campuses of some of the finest Universities in the world have destroyed the finest civilization since civilization began. Thirteen and a half million, (13,500,000) Millennials living in Poverty. Forty million (40,000,000) Americans on food stamps. This is the continuing inheritance of America, Freedom and Liberty that’s the Obama years.

Bill Whittle said it well: “When a President that they despise – such as Richard Nixon – acted illegally they hounded him out of office. With a President they adore – like Barack Obama – they see to it that stories such as Gruber and his multiple on-camera admissions of deception never see the light of day.
Why? We know why. Everybody knows why.”

“We are allowing Barack Obama to get away with this because he is black. That’s it, and that’s all. To say if he were white he would have been impeached already is a non-sequitor; if he were white a man of his inexperience and radical background would never have been elected in the first place. America voted for him to prove they were not racist, and now we will let him destroy this government for the same reason.”

“It’s guilt that paralyzes us – this Progressive Obama dictatorship is built on guilt over the original sin of slavery.
“It’s guilt – and also fear. That’s why Obama and Eric Holder have been encouraging the Ferguson protestors to stay the course. “We don’t give a fuck about your laws,” said one of them, and the President and the disgraceful Attorney General obviously don’t either. They need Ferguson to remind the American people of what will happen should they decide to hold the first black President accountable to the same rules as the previous forty-four.”


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