The PA Republican party bosses have abandoned Northampton. Good. There are a few of us who know about the corruption over the last many years but the Northampton GOP went way too far. At this moment they are travelling under the banner of the township but they are not part of the township government. They have misappropriated the name of the township and are wrongly using it to provide cover for their political activities. They have misappropriated the name of the township for political gain.  

Why do they do that? One reason: to confuse people. To give themselves the good name of the people of Northampton while covering-up their mis-deeds.

The Northampton GOP has never disavowed three websites that operate anonymously, including photo’s of the township building, as though they are part of Northampton Government. They are not but it’s part of the misdirection by some miscreants and scofflaws who violate decency in the name of the GOP. The purpose is to mis-inform residents and thereby manipulate public political opinion. These people are artificial frauds who use contrived and manipulated information for political gain. The real Republicans of Northampton would disown the anonymous frauds. They have repeatedly refused to do that and as long as they continue to support these anonymous fraudulent websites they are not real Republicans.  

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