When will the NFL get out of politics and back to football so we can start watching football again? No, the NFL cannot support both Black Lives Matter and White Americans. Those are two opposite political opinions and opposite sides of American politics and as it’s commonly said: One Cannot Serve Two Masters. It’s Either Football Or Politics.. It can’t be both.

So… Until the NFL gets WOKE UP the fans are going to refuse to support the NFL. No TV games… No going to the games.. No jerseys for gifts… No NFL…. No Professional Football… And if the leagues continue to be anti-White no NBA, MLB, no NFL…. Color us gone.


Last month, the NFL once again emphasized its devotion to the BLM cause following a Minneapolis jury’s lightning-fast conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for murder in Floyd’s death when it released a statement saying that “Today’s outcome in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis does not undo the loss of life. Mr. George Floryd should be here with us today.”

The statement also established the league as one of the nation’s most prominent evangelists when it comes to preaching the gospel of “woke” to which it is committed; “Importantly, even as we identify reasons for hope, we must continue to help move our society toward a more equal and just tomorrow,” the league said, “We are proud to partner with NFL players and clubs and remain committed to do the important work needed to make positive change in our society.”

Now they have brought Obama’s crazy communications director onto the team to lead the messaging as the idea that many of the league’s fans may be racists has firmly taken hold at NFL headquarters.

Following Floyd’s unfortunate death, the NFL rushed to support the mob by condemning the “systematic oppression of black people” and apologizing to the national anthem kneelers in a recorded statement by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“In addition to playing two national anthems before the opening week’s games with one for black people and one for whites, the NFL allowed BLM propaganda to be painted in end zones and worn on player’s helmets.

“Even though the NFL’s alliance with radical leftist organizations and their ideology has led to tanking ratings and the permanent alienation of millions of previously loyal fans the league has embarked on a mission that includes other professional sports leagues, the entertainment industry, and nearly all major corporations who are vital parts of the public-private partnership promoted by the Biden regime.

“The hiring of Hill will firmly put Obama’s imprint on a league that has been completely drained of its previous patriotism under Goodell’s tenure.

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