Always have been…. Always will be… That’s nature. All people have a nature. Nature did that. Nature does that. The job is to find out how the different races have to live and to understand it’s impossible to simply force people of different races to act and live as if there are no differences.

Some people can easily live with different people. Some people cannot. Freedom of Association falls apart with Affirmative Action. But people are different. A lot of information about the races needs to be assimilated, studied, understood and then the rules have to be adjusted as required to come to understanding just what’s going on. That hasn’t happened. It’s not happening because there’s no study going on. Will it be different in the future? No one can answer that. Can the races live together? Based on the evidence the answer would be no. Will the races be able to live together in the future? Based on the evidence, no. Some people can, others cannot and no laws have been made that changes the answer.

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