Candidates collect signatures from voters registered Republican on “Nominating Petitions”. They file them with the Secretary of State. Opponents review the signatures and if there are some invalid signatures the opponents file Objections and a judge reviews the objections. Kasich’s opponents filed 13 minutes after Five PM. Kasich’s lawyer, a Democrat claimed the Objections were filed a few minutes late believing they had “five days” to file and they filed 13 minutes too late. But the last day to file Objections ends the same time as other days, at midnight, not at 5:00 PM.

If the offices at the Dept of State closed at 5:00 pm, how did the challengers get in the office to file?

And if Kasich’s lawyer is correct why did the legislature write 5 days into the law instead of 5 times 24 hours? Why didn’t they write in 120 hours if that’s what they really meant?

The end of the first day to file objections would end at midnight the next evening if the common meaning of the word day is used as it seems to have been used here.

The second problem for Kasich is he didn’t file enough signatures. It’s common to over-file at least 50% more signatures than needed because people who sign make mistakes. Over-filing is simply good sense but Kasich only filed 2,184 when he needed 2,000. He should have filed about 3,000 signatures but he probably couldn’t get 3,000 supporters. The challengers who are Rubio supporters, claim at least 190 signatures are invalid. That doesn’t bode well for him if he wins the deadline issue because he’ll still be at least six signatures short of his nominating papers being valid. But it’s even worse for Kasich.

Trump is predicted to sweep Kasich in PA by at least 10% and as high as 17%.

For Kasich it’s three strikes and he’s out in PA.

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