Aristotle’s view of everything; his Metaphysics;  is rather simple. Trump follows Aristotle’s Metaphysics which is: Reality Exists. A is A. How do we know that? 

The politicians talk about “Border Security”. Trump says: “I’ll build a wall”.

Trump tells us what he will do. Cruz, Kasich and Rubio talk about all of the important issues. Trump tells us what he’ll do to solve them. Immigration: “I’ll build a wall.

Terrorism: I’ll bomb the “shi*” outta them”.

Jobs going to China? I’ll stop the currency manipulation by China, Japan and SOuth Korea.

Trump is a Reality Star. So was Aristotle. Plato saw reality as “Shadows on the wall of the cave”. Aristotle saw the world that exists. Reality exists The world exists and Trump plays in the real world.

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