How simple it must seem to the self-identified Kenyan-American President to move America further into Socialism. Four more years of gas prices doubling, …. again, –  seniors being denied two Social Security increases, food prices, fuel and  medical costs sharply increasing especially for seniors while blaming Old America. Millionaire Jay Leno continued to disgrace himself and the Democrats he adores by constantly making fun of people with money but keeping quiet about his own millions. Leno reminds me of millionaire Michael Moore who should travel to Cuba to take advantage of what he calls their superior medical care. These professional deceivers will keep distorting American values until the Stars and Stripes are replaced with the hammer and sickle.

Little did we realize how fragile freedom was when Krushchev told us “We must take a shovel and dig a deep grave …., Your own working class will bury you. The prolitariat is the undertaker of capitalism. The bourgeoisie produces it’s own grave diggers. When we pass you by we’ll wave to you.” I watched the shoe-banging video on TV in 1960 but the incident is now claimed to have used a doctored photograph, just as Leno is helping bury America while denying the Socialist takeover of the American government while helping the Democrats make fun of America. Leno has become an enemy to freedom.

This election is about Socialism or Liberty. You get to pick one.

It’s popular to hide from the truth by saying “it can’t happen here” but it did. Four more years means taking America further into darkness and a lesser America joining the Socialists. Four more years with no more America able to lead the world to Liberty. Without Firing A Shot. 

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