Over the past six years anonymous websites have appeared and disappeared that supported some Northampton Republicans candidates. Those websites have given the local republicans a black eye. There’s one presently operating. The writer’s identity seems obvious to those who know about him. The anonymous websites are offensive to both Republicans and Democrats. Vince Deon had a biography on one of the websites and to his credit he disowned it and called for it to be removed, which was done.

An article recently was on the Northampton GOP website that was far outside the normal political limits. The Republican Committee removed it. Good for the person or persons responsible. There are common sense limits that extend to Political speech.

In the case of the Insider Republicans who want to do the right things but are prevented because of the fear of reprisal, perhaps that’s a valid reason to fail to oppose the offensive campaign tactics. Perhaps not. I believe, in this case it is not and I recommend to the Northampton Republican Committee to disown the anonymous website and get the website to act is a politically appropriate manner. If they need help my door is open. 

The Courier called such websites “Venomous”. I agree.

The single attribute that reveals the distorted thinking of the anonymous websites is the person responsible has obvious psychological problems and is in need of help. The level of discord has increased which means the Insider Republicans are getting more desperate because they know they have been on the wrong side of lots of issues. They should and they can change things.

But anonymous writers have no credibility. It’s difficult for many people to stand up at a microphone because on some level they reveal attributes of their personality. Some people have terrible secrets. Whistleblowers often have reasons to conceal their identities but Northampton has a few people who know their personalities are hateful so they must travel in the shadows . These people know or should know that the public does not trust them. They cannot speak or write on the record. They have betrayed their own trust. They do not and cannot trust themselves to make morally correct decisions so they stay anonymous.  They have betrayed the trust of the public.

The press, the legitimate press, will not automatically grant anonymity to a source. They will not use nicknames or pseudonyms like those that appear on the venomous websites. The press does not use screen names or nicknames for a source. The press will never imply they have multiple sources when they have only one. They will not say we when the correct word is I. The press will not automatically grant anonymity to someone just because they ask for it or because they want it. Anonymity is a serious matter to responsible people.

Hiding behind anonymity is not acceptable for local politics and the Insider Republicans should be ashamed that anonymity is being used in their name. They should disown it. So far they have decided to keep quiet which is tacit approval. It gives the voters even more reasons not to trust the local Republican party.



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