As a young man the best thing that happened to me was Janet. We’ve been together almost 54 years. The children were an even more important bonus to our lives.

In 1977 in a small hotel near Wolverhampton, England, I offered to buy a round and the Manager of Engineering of YALE, Velbert, Germany, after literally studying the bottles behind the bar ordered Dalmore. I never heard of it. I tried it and Bang!. A love affair with Single Malt Scotch Whisky continues to this day.  Over the years many different Single Malts have been a source of great enjoyment. There are innumerable kinds of alcoholic drinks but the Rusty Nail stands out too. The first time was at the Carlton night club in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1976.

Yes, I remember some times and places, including when and where Janet and I met.

Back to Single Malt. Ireland has one with several variations, Old Bushmills.

The reigning best for me is Laphroig.

Macallan, Glenfiddich, Glenfarclas, Dalmore are in the same class. Lots of other Single Malts. Never tasted a bad one.

What about Cognac? Armagnac, Brandy? The rule is: the more expensive, the better it is.

Then there is the World of Wine. Same rule, the more expensive, the better but there are many exceptions. Rodger Wilco in Burlington, NJ has phenomenal wines at very low prices.

The best wine tip you will ever come across. Read the “Back Label”. Sure, it’s a bit of a sales gimmick but generally very reliable. Note the use of oak. the types of flavors to expect, sometimes called “notes of…..” . Sommeliers use the back label to help waiters describe the wine to customers.  

Finally, never fear tasting. Some alcohols are somewhat disagreeable to some people. Older people tend to appreciate more dryness than the young but tasting a small amount is your best guide to what you prefer.

And if you don’t like scotch at all, stay away from Single Malts. They have very strong and pronounced taste. Above all, drink alcohol responsibility. You want to live a long life so don’t be foolish. Alcohol is to be savored, not to alter your mental state. Never drink and drive. Never.

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