In his Sunday, Aug. 4, 2014 Courier column JD Mullane thinks people who sincerely apologize should be forgiven but, … Mullane is an ethical guy, meaning he practices the ethics of his religion, Roman Catholocism which teaches non-judgment and forgiveness. He wrote about three people who apologized. Paula Dean admitted she used the N word in the past but she didn’t provide, remember or offer any specific occasions. Eagle Riley Cooper is a great wide receiver who was drinking and used the N work. He sincerely apologized. His black team mates accepted his apology. Joe Scott called a Northampton Supervisor ‘retarded’ and said he regretted using the word. He regretted it because he got caught, not because he was sorry for the idea. Should he be forgiven? No. Why not? Because he is insincere. How do we know that? Because he was quoted in the Courier saying he regretted using the word. That’s a defense for using the word, not being sorry he said it.

Here’s the rub. J.D. claims a duty to forgive people who sincerely apologize but he lumped all three together when Scott was different than Dean or Cooper. Scott was clearly not sorry. Read his words in the Courier report. See if you agree Scott remains defiant. He does not grasp the idea of being sorry or the concepts of apologizing and sincerity. Scott remains on the attack instead of pulling himself up short and looking at his insensitive remark. His remark was the basis for a sincere apology. That moment is gone. More damage was done by Scott’s follow-on ideas in the Courier report. The original explosion was political dynamite. That blew up and it now touches the Republican leadership in Northampton township and Bucks County. Perhaps more than that, it touches all in Northampton Township.

Scott said this about his using that word:  “It’s not the end of the world.” That’s why he should resign and end the political blood-letting that has characterized the Northampton Republican leaders since the infamous theft’s by the township manager under the noses of the township auditors. The Pay-to Play scandal, the hidden 537 plan, the backroom deals with developers, the $200,000 unaccountable “donation” to build the Bocce Ball Court Roof, up to the corrupt deal to buy a solar panel system but not pay for  it show the destruction of the leadership of the Northampton Republican Committee. What is wrong with these people?


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