Surprised? I was. Years ago there were two sexes. They were almost as different as sticks and holes. Today there are 12 different sexes. It makes sense today to talk about different-sex marriages and same -sex marriages.  Years ago there was only different-sex marriage. Today we know there are hundreds of kinds of different-sex marriage and probably millions of different kinds of same-sex marriages.

What? How can there be hundreds of different-sex marriages when there are only two different sexes?

Consider this. Some women are extremely feminine. Other women, those who were tomboys in their youth…….. What’s a tomboy? A young girl who likes to, for example climb trees more than other girls. Many youthful tomboys grow into very feminine women. Some keep their femininity yet they behave like grown tomboys.

So what’s normal? What’s sexually normal? How do we figure out and identify sexually normal?

In 1999 Charles Murray wrote  ‘The Bell Curve’ about IQ. It used the probability function, the statistical means to categorize the broad range of human IQ’s. If you studied statistics in college you know how complicated it is but you probably never went into the derivation of the probability equation. That’s very complex. For sexuality however it’s sufficient to know there is a range of attributes for femininity. Lets say from extremely feminine to barely femine. Same for males. Same for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals and Transgenders.

Broadly speaking, there are females and males. Specifically speaking things are more complicated. Gay men for example may be dominant or feminine. Hold that thought. Same for Lesbians, Bi-sexuals and Transgenders, the LGBT ‘s. Start the arithmetic. Straight men, straight women. That’s two. Dominant or feminine Lesbians, that’s four. Dominant or feminine Gay men, that’s six. Add in the two Bi-sexuals and the two transgenders. That’s ten and we’re just getting started. Add in the androgynous males and females. That’s 12. 

Straight women can be extremely feminine or barely feminine. They follow a probability function. When all women are considered there are thousands of recognizably different female types. Combine that with thousands of recognizably different male types. That’s a big number. call it X, and that’s just the straight people. Add in the other eight sexes and then explain how many different sexes there are.

The most common marriage is: male-female. That’s a different-sex marriage. The next most common marriage is: well, so far, no one knows because there’s little information about X.  

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