One of the ideas the British introduced is waiting in line. Today many people, but not all, know and respect related ideas like: first come, first served; waiting for their turn; or keeping their place. A photo was on the internet showing pairs of shoes arranged in a line showing which owner was next while their owners sat, bare footed of course in nearby chairs. They were waiting in a government office and most waits for government are interminably long because government has no respect for the time of the citizens so government makes waiting interminably long.

But the welfare state is responsible for destroying even the idea of staying in line. Welfare takes from some and gives to others thus destroying the idea of fairness. What’s the point of being fair when Social Engineering purposely makes acting correctly useless because Social Engineering moves some people out of their place in line and moves selected others who get ahead of those respecting the rules.

Welfare is Unfair. Unfair is immoral. All Welfare is based on theft by government. Welfare is Social Engineering on steroids. Welfare punishes people who don’t deserve to be punished and rewards people who don’t deserve the reward. Social Engineering including Welfare means some groups of people are targeted and punished, for example, by the color of their skin. There are people who follow the rules and who expect government to do the right things to them. Groups  are wrongly rewarded, often when they should be punished. At the very least people should be treated the same by government but Social Welfare destroys morality and inverts the normal distinctions between right and wrong.

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