Rob Boyson is a Tea Party guy. Not content to sit by and merely comment on the politics of America, Rob is on the barricades. He has a new website (Here) and his first article asks what happened here?

Rob lists evidence to support the idea that America has radically changed in ways that have eroded Liberty. Many freedoms are no longer available. Bad Laws penalize freedom of speech. Bad Laws prevent political action. Bad people work for the IRS and stop right wing, conservative people from organizing to protest bad laws. A wayward President and his Democrat allies took over American Medicine thereby removing one sixth of the economy from the free market. Rob asks: How did America get here?

President Obama has criminals helping him. Professor William “Bill the Bomber” Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were released from a murder trial because of a prosecutorial mistake.  Bernadine paid a $15,000 fine. The preacher who married Obama, Reverend Jeremiah Wright hates America. Wright repeated: “God Damn America” in church where he is protected by the Constitution’s idea that it’s better to hear from dissenters then let them run around lying. President Obama listened to Wirht for years. Wright is a member of the Left wing. The left is inspired by Communalism. Hillary wrote a book about it. How do the values of the Left get re-born every generation? Bad Epistemology, i.e., Bad Ideas.

Ayn Rand explained how wrong ideas get into a culture and grow. Read “ATLAS SHRUGGED” by Ayn Rand. She has more information about virtue than the pantheon of saints in “the Galt Speech”. Rand is the biggest explainer of the Left. She explains how the virus of communalism is shot into the veins of a somnolent culture.

“The Ayn Rand Lexicon” is a reference tool. “Objectivism; the Philosophy of Ayn Rand” by Leonard Piekoff explains Ayn Rand’s ideas more fully but her ideas grow stronger when they are practiced. Her ideas are the only known antidote to the Left Wing. Go read her books. The solutions to making a better world are in them. So is the answer to Rob Boyson’s question.

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