There’s something else going on. The idea that certain thoughts are wrong to have  is  far more important than the idea of racism. Blacks and white are strongly divided over the Zimmerman verdict. The Rasmussen poll has the difference at 65% of Blacks and 70% of whites disagree completely over the verdict.  From 65% of Blacks  against Zimmerman to 70% of whites in favor of Zimmerman is a huge 135% difference.

Does that huge difference mean white people are racist? But another way to view the 135% is to look at the percentages of 65% of Blacks and 70% of Whites. If Whites are racist because 70% of Whites support Zimmerman it means Blacks are racist because 65% of Blacks are against Zimmerman.

The relations of blacks and whites may not support those kinds of differences. The polling data is correct but blacks and whites are still working together on millions of things. How can millions of black and whites interact if whites hate blacks? Racism is not about whites. The charges of racism are from blacks and those complaints only come from some blacks. They even come from blacks who have married whites and from blacks who were raised by whites. Get the problem?

Whites certainly resent being unfairly treated because of laws that favor blacks over whites. They think that’s reverse racism. They point to Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 that forced white children to attend school with black children. In 1957 President Eisenhower sent the 101 Airborne into Little Rock to protect nine black children who tried to get into an all-white high school. Whites object to black people with lower scores being hired and being admitted into colleges and white people with higher scores not being hired or admitted.

There is white resentment over the race based benefits of blacks getting for example law degrees because of government programs while whites are denied those benefits. White resentment includes attempts by whites to talk to or with blacks who reject those attempts. It goes the other way too. Some blacks have elaborate rules about how white men, for example should talk and act with black women. Where will this lead? Where will it end?

It leads here. It ends here. It’s a standoff. This is  as good as it can get. Neither side can win anything else and neither side can lose anything else. The white people who can live among blacks and the black people who can live among whites will keep on doing it.  The rest will carry their racism and their resentment for the rest of their lives. That’s too bad because the races can live together but not everyone wants to live like that. The evidence from other countries proves the opposite. Blacks in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, the dictatorship of the world’s worst dictator, Robert Mugabe, killed all the white landowners. The whites in South Africa are in a state of siege. Those are vivid examples that races cannot live together. I differ. Go to Brazil. Mostly there is no race problem. America has race problems and perhaps they will never change but I see far too much evidence that America and Americans have changed. Sure there’s racism and resentment. But it’s not everywhere and it’s not among millions who accept people as they encounter them. Americans can judge people as they meet them. That’s as good as it can get.

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