The media has two blackouts going on. One is to blackout negative reports about Joe Biden and the other is to blackout positive reports about President Trump. Who is behind the blackouts that support Biden and condemn Trump? Is it Hillary? The media loves Hillary so it’s very possible she’s making the media blackout Biden’s problems. In addition Hillary hates President Trump so it’s possible she’s blacking out anything good abour president Trump. Who else would try to make certain Trump is not re-elected? One man in Kim Jong-un of North Korea who hates president Trump. Another Trump Hater is Hassan Rouhani of Iran because president Trump removed the possibility that Iran could get a nuclear weapon. Then there’s Putin who took the entire Crimea peninsula away from Ukraine when Obama was president. Trump hasn’t told Putin to give it back. No nation has the courage to do that but since Donald Trump has been president Putin has backed off taking more territory from Ukraine.

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